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Reach More Potential Customers with Twitter’s New “Quick Promote” Feature

If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, GOOD NEWS! Promoting your tweets to a wider, more targeted audience just got a whole lot better!

Earlier this month Twitter announced a quicker way to promote your tweets using their ‘self-service ad platform’.  The ability to magnify your “best performing tweets” directly from your dashboard while targeting users, who have similar interests, can help generate genuine interest in your content, and assist in generating leads while providing impulse driven results! 

And the results sound very promising...  Twitter product manager Buster Benson touted the new feature by saying “We found that users who see a relevant Promoted Tweet from an SMB are also 32% more likely to visit that business,” 

So why is it called “Quick Promote”?  Promoting tweets directly from the tweet activity dashboard automatically targets those interested in your topic and allows your message to be cut through the dense fog of others content, almost instantly… Here’s a look at it in action!

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