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2015 Super Bowl Commercials - From Lighthearted to Heartfelt

This year, it seemed like Super Bowl advertisers came to the game wearing their heart on their sleeves.  Sure, there were lighthearted and silly ads like Dorito’s “When Pigs Fly”, an Esurance commercial featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Fiat’s 'blue pill', and even a groovy cameo from The Brady Bunch… But alongside the fun, came more serious (No More “Listen”), heartfelt (McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’”), and uncomfortably somber ads… Like this one from Nationwide.

Out of 56 total ads, 50% contained a hashtag, and viewers weren’t afraid to use them, with thousands weighing in on Twitter.

Annually, the morning after the BIG GAME has most media outlets "Monday Morning Quarterbacking"  each of the ads. Every year since 1989, USA Today has called upon ad enthusiasts to rank every commercial from best to worst, and this year was no different. The clear choice for “best” according to them was Budweiser’s “Lost Dog”, While the "worst" comes from uCool’s “Heroes Charge”

After an informal poll here at ScriptiLabs, we've averaged the top 3 favorites as:

  1. Lost Dog/Budweiser
  2. The Brady Bunch/Snickers
  3. Breaking Bad/Esurance

Which was your favorite?  

Super Bowl Commercial Fun Facts:

  • Cost: $4.4 to $4.5 million per 30 second spot (The cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad in 1982 was $324,300)
  • Super Bowl Commercials with Hashtags slipped to 50% in 2015 according
  • The shortest Super Bowl commercial ran in 2009 coming in at one second and was purchased by Miller High Life.

Super Bowl 2015 Commercials in the order they aired: (On-screen URL's, Hashtags and Logos are also included)

  1. Toyota: #OneBoldChoice
  2. TurboTax
  3. Game of War (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)
  4. “Tomorrowland” Disney Pictures (URL)
  5. BMW: #HelloFuture (URL)
  6. “Minions”
  7. Snickers: #EatASnickers
  8. Carnival Cruises (URL)
  9. Skittles: #SettleIt
  10. Lexus: #LexusNX
  11. T-Mobile: #Uncarrier, #KimsDataStash (Facebook, Twitter and URL)
  12. Budweiser: #BestBuds
  13. Nationwide (URL)
  14. Terminator Genisys (URL)
  15. Coca-Cola: #MakeItHappy
  16. Avocados From Mexico: #FirstDraftEver (Facebook and Twitter)
  17. “Fast & Furious: Supercharged” Universal Pictures (URL)
  18. Dove Care+Men: #RealStrength
  19. Doritos: #Doritos
  20. Nissan: #WithDad
  21. Nationwide: #MakeSafeHappen (URL)
  22. Weight Watchers (URL)
  23. WeatherTech (URL)
  24. McDonalds
  25. Esurance: #sorta (URL)
  26. Fiat Chrysler: #500X (URL)
  27. GoDaddy: #GoDaddy
  28. Discover Card (URL)
  29. Microsoft: #empowering
  30. Squarespace (URL)
  31. (URL)
  32. Toyota: #oneboldchoice
  33. “Pitch Perfect2″ (Facebook, Snapchat)
  34. Always: #likeagirl
  35. Geico
  36. Skechers
  37. Clash of Clans
  38. Sprint (URL)
  39. Lexus: #LexusRC (URL)
  40. Microsoft: #empowering
  41. Dodge
  42. Kia (URL)
  43. Jublia (URL)
  44. T-Mobile: #uncarrier, #wificalling (Facebook, Twitter and URL)
  45. Budweiser
  46. Jeep (URL)
  47. “Ted 2″ (URL)
  48. Mophie: #staypowerful
  49. Loctite: #winatglue
  50. Bud Light: #upforanything
  51. Mercedes: #TheBigRace (URL)
  52.  “50 Shades of Grey” (URL)
  53. Doritos: #Doritos
  54. #ItsThatEasy (URL)
  55. Victoria’s Secret
  56. Heroes Charge (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)
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