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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Small BusinessesYou’ve most likely overheard the hoopla that surrounds LinkedIn, but if you’re still not utilizing the platform, it’s time to start. LinkedIn is a powerful networking pool for small and large businesses alike just waiting for you to dive right in. Two new members join every second with over 300 million users.

Understandably, SMBs have smaller budgets. LinkedIn is an important platform to include in this budget as you can drastically increase traffic, generate leads, and boost revenue. We present you with 5 ways to utilize LinkedIn as a small business to ensure you reap all of its benefits.

Set up a Company Page

There are over 3 million company pages – and that number continues to rise, so chances are your competitors are already on top of this. While it’s imperative to network and promote through your personal page, a company page solidifies your credibility. It’s an outlet to relay your services, share creative content, further brand your business, and highlight employee and company successes.

Employee Engagement

Encourage employees to be active on LinkedIn. This can greatly increase the visibility of your company on the network. Rarely do your business’ followers overlap with employees’ followers, so encourage your employees to be brand ambassadors.

Participate in Groups

Most LinkedIn users join LinkedIn groups for networking or research purposes, so it goes without saying that you should be utilizing these groups. We urge you to stray from promoting and instead, participate in these groups by providing relevant, useful information relating to your industry. Connect with other business owners or press. Answer questions in a thoughtful way and follow-up consistently.

We also recommend encouraging your employees to join local groups. Here, you might find networking events within your community where you can promote your services in a non-aggressive way.


Needless to say, consumers are influenced greatly by recommendations. Thus, it’s smart to get as many recommendations as possible on LinkedIn. This way, a potential client can get a good idea of the employees they’ll be investing time and money in. They’re also a great way to let future team members understand the company culture and those that they’ll be working with.

Run as PPC Campaign

Run your company page as a PPC campaign that includes keywords in the text, job descriptions, and endorsements that can be found on Google and LinkedIn searches. This will greatly increase your company’s visibility since almost all purchases start with a search engine.

LinkedIn is growing drastically. It’s a powerful networking hub that has the potential to drive relevant, targeted traffic to your business. By maintaining a company page, optimizing this company page, and encouraging employees to participate as brand ambassadors, SMBs can gain rapid exposure. Visit ScriptiLabs’ LinkedIn company page to see how we set up our profile and the type of content we share! 

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